Congratulations Mr Kelvin Sampa!

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Dear Editor,

FOR once the cries of the PF youths have been heard by the party’s leadership.

But let me state that the problem has only been partially sorted. It was very clear that roles of such nature needed someone with a political focus and strategic mind, political maturity and tolerance.

 A skill that was needed in a person to hold a position as this and the PF youths are now happy to see the likes of Mr Sampa take up this role and run the youth wing without any partiality.

To my new boss Mr Sampa, I wish you all the best as you institute a new strategy for the youths to enhance the growth of the Patriotic Front.

To an extent, the moral is slowly getting back as we see a new youth empowerment and strategic plan being unfolded.

As strong, devoted and loyal youths of the party, we strongly recommend your office to create a strategic plan that will not see youths being sidelined and ignored.

We need a plan that will incorporate youths from all sectors of the society.

When I saw the quality of leadership that was spear-headed by the previous youth executive, I knew a change of leadership was needed.

Thank you again for taking up this position and trust me we will offload every little knowledge in order to support you and your office.

Young Mnangagwa

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