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CHIEF Kalunga of the Luchazi speaking people in Kabompo has appealed to Government to urgently rehabilitate the Kabompo-Chikenge road.

The traditional leader told the Daily Nation in an interview that the road which leads to his palace was in a deplorable state, making it difficult to move goods especially farm produce.

“Our biggest challenge is the road from Kabompo boma all the way to my palace, which is in bad shape and we are appealing to our listening Government to work on our road,” he said.

He said farmers in the area were facing challenges to transport their produce to the markets in Kabompo.

Chief Kalunga also complained about the damaged Bridges on the Kabompo-Chikenge road.

He named one of the damaged bridges as Kasalya which collapsed a few years ago.

“It is becoming difficult for people to pass on this road because the bridge at Kasalya collapsed and it has not been repaired and also we have another bridge at Mushivi on Katuba River which is in a bad state and almost collapsing,” Chief Kalunga said.

The traditional leader said the bad state of the road was negatively affecting the development of the chiefdom.

Chief Kalunga also appealed to Government to consider connecting his chiefdom to the national electricity grid to accelerate development in the area.

“Other chiefdoms have been connected to the national grid but why not us because we need electricity here as well,” Chief Kalunga said.

He said once the chiefdom was connected to the national electricity grid, the area would open up for investments to help create employment opportunities for the local people.

Chief Kalunga said the area has vast land which investors can utilise to set up businesses in the chiefdom.

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