Yes, do not re-open CBU now until security is in place

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Dear Editor,

FROM The onset, I wish to fully support Higher Education Minister Nkandu Luo who has vowed not reopen the Copperbelt University until security measures are put in place.

Prof. Luo has revealed that the cost of putting up security measures is estimated at K10 million and the budget has since been approved by the Ministry of Finance.

There is really no need for CBU to be re-opened soon.

The damage done by those students to the school infrastructure was colossal and needs time to repair.

Security also is of paramount importance so that those property destroyers who go to damage innocent people’s vehicles by the roadside can be quarantined and taken to Mukobeko.

Innocent people lose property when students riot. This is inexcusable. Someone has to be held accountable for this.

 We cannot continue to ignore the fact that the students are wrong in damaging property.

These are not children but adults who know very well what is right and wrong.

 You break people’s property and you want to continue school as if nothing happened. No.

People must account for their mistakes and be adult enough to accept their wrongs. They should not be shielded.


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