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ZAMBIA Federation of Women in Business (ZFWB) has trained over 200 women in cassava seed growing.

ZFWB chairperson, Nancy Kawandami, said growing cassava seedlings and tubers was done in Kanakantampa, Lusaka West, Chinsali, Kaoma and other areas.

The training was conducted in conjunction with Mount Makulu Research Institute last year.

Ms Kawandami explained in an interview in Lusaka that the association chose to train the women in cassava growing to avoid big companies from importing the commodity.

“We trained about 200 women in cassava seed growing together with Mount Makulu.  We have just discovered that all the big companies import cassava so we have an agreement with Mount Makulu research where we train our women in cassava growing.

“We get the certified cassava identified by Mount Makulu found in Serenje and one is in Chisamba,” she said.

Ms Kawandami also said some women were last year trained in garlic growing.

In addition, Ms Kawandami said, about 20 groups of women were trained in financial literacy last year.

“As we train women who want to venture into different businesses, we also train them in finance literacy.

We are supported by a German foundation where we train women in agriculture.

“We help women to start up their businesses so we are trying quite a bit.

Last year, we trained about 20 groups in financial literacy and we are in all 10 provinces through our affiliations and our trainers in Mumbwa, Mongu, Solwezi and right now women in Mongu are growing,” Ms Kawandami said.

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