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THE 2021 presidential elections will be the easiest for PF and President Lungu because opposition political parties like the UPND have no credible candidates to field, former UPND deputy spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo said yesterday.

Mr Lifwekelo said in an interview that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his surrogates that were parading themselves as 2021 presidential candidates yet still clinging on to PF parliamentary seats had no spine and were morally bankrupt.

“The opposition have failed lamentably to inspire  Zambians and this is the reason they will be easy meat to beat come 2021. If they get to 2021 with the current crop of leadership, we can assure them of an easy PF victory because President Lungu means well for the people. What leadership is there in UPND to inspire people to vote for them?

“Can you imagine what would happen if GBM is acting as president in the absence of Mr Hichilema? Other than that, the opposition do not have convincing manifestos that will translate into viable policies that can add value to the welfare of our citizens other than being specialists at mediocrity and insults,” Mr Lifwekelo said.

He said President Lungu’s legacy was recreated through massive infrastructure development and empowerment of women, youths, and the vulnerable groups in society.

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