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MORE than 600 senior lawyers have signed a petition to impeach Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) president Eddie Mwitwa for professional misconduct, renowned lawyer Tutwa Ngulube has disclosed.

And Mr Ngulube said he was ready to meet Mr Mwitwa in court, saying he had evidence that Mr Mwitwa was paid by the United Party for National Development (UPND) to fight the Constitution Amendment Bill.

Mr Ngulube who is Government Deputy Chief Whip, said majority of senior lawyers were against Mr Mwitwa’s decision to sue President Edgar Lungu because it was against the Republican Constitution. He said 643 senior lawyers had therefore signed a petition so far to impeach Mwitwa for alleged abuse of office.

Mr Ngulube said Mr Mwitwa should know that senior lawyers had vowed to impeach him and his days in office were numbered. The Kabwe Central Constituency lawmaker said in an interview yesterday that the route which Mr Mwitwa had taken on the matter abrogated the Republican Constitution and was a serious crime.

He said it was unfortunate that Mr Mwitwa could allegedly be used by politicians to satisfy their personal interests.

“What Mr Mwitwa should be worried of is that we are impeaching him, so far we have about 643 signatures from senior lawyers to remove him from office.

“So Mr Mwitwa should know that his term in office is coming to an end prematurely for being unprofessional. We expected him to be non-partisan but the root he has taken will make him leave office,” Mr Ngulube said.

And Mr Ngulube has disclosed that a legal suit would soon be taken against the association president so that he could be prosecuted for alleged abuse of office.

“After impeaching him we shall make sure that he is prosecuted,” he said.

He also said Mr Mwitwa would be reported to police so that he could face criminal charges under the penal code for abrogating the Republican Constitution.

Meanwhile, Mr Ngulube has challenged Mr Mwitwa not to threaten to take legal suit against him, stating that he should go ahead if he was man enough.

The Parliamentarian said he was not afraid to face the association president in court because he was on firm ground that he was paid by the UPND to fight the Amendment Bill.

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