A lesson to learn from faz as a country and as voters

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Dear Editor,

When Kalusha Bwalya was FAZ President, Andrew Kamanga capitalised on the incumbent’s little mistakes, amplified these mistakes and positioned himself as the best alternative to Great Kalu. Now I have some few questions:

1. How did the small mistakes and shortcomings under Kalusha Bwalya make Kamanga better or improved his inner abilities/competencies as Kamanga?

2. Was the change worth it?

3. How will ECL’s perceived mistakes and shortcomings make HH or Kambwili or Harry Kalaba a better alternative to Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu?

Simple lesson – Not every change is worth it. We can make our own better  alternative to the incumbent by demanding for a detailed blue print or manifesto from those aspiring to lead this nation. They must explain to us how they will run this country better than the incumbent. Painting the incumbent black in the eyes of the public will not make them better or change who they really are or improve their abilities to deliver maximum results. An emotional vote will kill this country, think, analyse, scrutinise and then decide on which way you want Zambia to go.

So far, only the Patriotic Frond and KBF(also within PF) has a detailed plan for Zambia which are accessible to the public and which can be used as a basis on which to judge them. The rest have only hollow/empty promises without a workable plan of how to fulfil those promises. They only promise heavens to individuals, political groupings, international crooks and morally bankrupt organizations but they have nothing they can point to as their agenda for common citizens.

If you love this country, be patient, allow the PF government to continue as we come up with an alternative government that we can trust. Five years is too long a time to subject ourselves to experimental leadership with no assurance of a better Zambia. Yes! We don’t appreciate what we have until we lose it but let’s not be too irresponsible, the PF government means well to this country.

Do care, because I Kwaela M Mwanza do care! Think Zambia, think our future generation and think sustainable infrastructure development.

Kwaela M Mwanza

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