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Embattled Ngoma Awards winner for the most outstanding comedian category Abel Chungu is planning a show to be held at Mulungushi International Conference Centre on December 26.

The event dubbed ‘ Rumour has it’ comedy show is seemingly meant to clear the doubting fans who opposed and mocked his award by claiming he is not a comedian enough to earn the award.

A number of people have questioned Chungu’s award with many taking to social media their displeasure and mockery.

However, veteran comedian and actor Bob Nkosha described Chungu as a proper stand up comic who deserves the award.

Nkosha who is among Zambia’s respected stand up comedians says despite what people are saying, Chungu fits every definition of stand up comedian.

 “  I don’t care what people say but this( Abel Chungu) is multi talented! This is a proper stand up comedian! For this is our Trevor Noah mark my words,” stated  Nkosha on his Facebook page.

He said Abel is cool, calm and does not overdo things and that he has very original content.

“Off stage, he is humble and doesn’t post himself on social media . In expert opinion, he fits every definition of a STAND UP comedian. Congratulations kid keep working your comics sets are as good as your lyrics,” Nkosha stated. Last Saturday, there was massive reaction on social media after Abel was named outstanding comedian. Many thought he does not qualify to be a comedian describing him not funny. Others accused the National Arts Council of being corrupt.

However, it is also clear that most of the people’s preferred funny men did not submit their works for nomination.

It is hoped the ‘ Rumour has it ‘ show will bring an end to all speculation about Chungu.

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