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POVERTY has been defined by many authorities differently and is recorded as such. I define it as avoidable and unnecessary PAIN, leading ANGUISH. Gruesome, grinding, impoverishing and cruel machinations of harm; promoted by Lords of POVERTY.

Can you imagine what it means joining hands with another TEAM to defeat your own team? All in pursuit of imaginary Fame and Power. It is Vanity! The embarrassing consequences are Grinding poverty!

This is what the Lords of Poverty (as eloquently discussed by Dambisa Moyo in her book: “Lords of Poverty”), have been ruthlessly doing for decades and generations.

There is definitely something wrong with some human beings. While others seek to build, others plan to destroy!    

As a matter of fact, words such as fairness, justice, equity, balance and their synonyms are in the vocabulary of the Lords of poverty ONLY for convenience and political correctness!

Sacrifice, is what humanity and for that matter Africans, need to produce enduring sustainable results. But sustainable conduct and responsibility are absent from the menu of options for Lords of Poverty. Theirs’ is pursuing the Devil’s Agenda without fear or favour.

They do so by mainly creating a follower out of sycophants who take political undertakings, as a religion, and/but confusing it with loyalty and commitment. (How can you be loyal and committed to criminality?) Note that every religion is based on BELIEF BEYOND QUESTION!!  We then know that we face a dogmatic lot, who will eat, maim, kill and destroy without shame or remorse.     

Lest we forget no struggle has ever failed to “attract” serious setbacks and hurdles, opposed to success. For instance, although the People’s Republic of China has continued to flourish and has strategically and systemically defeated problems of hunger and famine, (much to the chagrin of its haters) even when it mattered most (and defeats commonsense), some Chinese dissidents have continued to denounce China, in search of comfort, within or outside the People’s Republic.

Yes, the right to EXPRESSION is very important, and I support it, but not at the expense of common sense and reasonableness. Any Right that undermines the Rule of Law has the potential to create conditions of poverty. 

The anti-China fever and hostile “currency” of anger, that often leads to destruction (highly deceptive) has been so strong to the extent of producing one of the most problematic trade wars between Beijing and Washington.

As the English say, when Elephants fight, the grass suffers. Both China and the United States of America need to appreciate the fact that holding the world to ransom over issues of growing their respective economies is both unproductive and reactionary. 

It is insensitive and insincere, with the potential to undermine the global economy, thereby contributing to a surge of global poverty.  Consequently, weaker economies face the realities of unstable exchange rates, low commodity prices and hostile sanctions.

The Social media pundits and hate campaigners report on these vices and in reality are beneficiaries of illusion.  Interestingly, these are citizens of the countries they viciously criticise and undermine!

Without cooperation from “inside sources” as often cited, it is not possible to know what is reported as happenings “inside.” Therefore there is always a danger that somebody may be talking about what either does not exist or manipulated truth. While the Social media is a powerful communication tool, it is also host to evil agendas that drive poverty, through falsehoods. 

Spreading of falsehoods is one of the challenges that Africa’s poverty dilemma, faces. It has been made out as though poverty is Africa’s surname and as if the only place afflicted by poverty, is Africa, when the reality is that poverty is a World-wide problem.

As we deeply reflect of intricacies of governance, what happened in the era of German dictator, Adolf Hitler is not a good story at all. German institutions were destroyed and compromised to deliver terror and despotism among others. Today, and not yesterday, faces another reality of a strange and destructive democratically elected President.

President Donald Trump campaigned on a ticked of “America First.” Never mind the details, eventually, he was declared President. The import, barring the strong opposition he is getting from fellow politicians, is that some American citizens kind of put up or agree with his political line.  That is dangerous!

It is this kind of pessimistic and permissive posturing that does not help the fight against poverty. It represents double standards. Like it or not, the US government and other countries have had policies and programmes which have impacted Africa both positively and negatively. 

Africa’s Geo-political exploits, have everything to do with possibly alien complicated policies. It may be the implementation of such alien policies that is linked to Africa’s melting pot of poverty, as incompatibility, weighs in!

Poverty in Africa in many ways is a matter of choice. We have collectively chosen indolence over productivity. We have perfected the art of “copy and paste” on literally everything that accounts for our problems.

We buy and import guns and offensive weapons, which destroy us. We buy and import chemicals that destroy our environment.

We entertain policies, practices and habits which undermine rather than build. How can anybody justify a civil war or anarchy? How can we justify negative discrimination based on prejudice and stereotypes?

All these are vices, which have contributed massively to the deepening and expansion of Poverty in Africa. We have adopted a terrible culture of buying into falsehoods to make earth shaking decisions. We respect systems and procedures out of duty rather than belief. It is no wonder that most of our people are happy to study, read and prepare for a specific exam than reading and preparing in order to know and be a useful citizen.

In Zambia, most people think that the primary role of government is to eradicate poverty by employing everybody. Look, not even the mighty American government has defeated poverty in its backyard!  Most Zambians think that the role of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is to deliver development to the country. As for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the picture could be more worrisome because of the “word” “development.”

In the case of the World Bank –                                                                                                                                    the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), understandably; the problem word is backed up by another word, talks  but “reconstruction.”  Reconstruct what, when, where and how. What is the context?

When you agree that another person must define you, you do not only lose your destiny but identity. You allow another person to profile and introduce you! Young graduates or interns, who have spent a few years in this or that African country, suddenly become experts and specialists of that country. Just how? Well it happens!

It is not a long time, when the entire Commonwealth Secretariat, which really is an entity managing/massaging the backlog and trappings of colonialism, became a darling to some Zambians.

It took the Commonwealth to “turn down” the chorus of invitations to come and resolve a Zambian problem. We invited one Professor from a troubled land to come and offer a solution to Zambia. How?  This is what constitutes a recipe for skating around real issues and represents poverty of the mind.  It all begins here. Poverty of the mind!

I agree with the sentiment of African Nationalist and leaders like Presidents Nyerere, Kaunda, Samora Machel and others who argued that Africa cannot be free, until South Africa is also free.

The emphasis here is not that “until South Africa is free” but that with that achievement, we now have an opportunity to deal with poverty in a holistic and decisive manner, without fear or favour.

The struggle for inclusive democracy in South Africa did not mean that we should replace the racist regime with lawlessness. Staying in any country, without relevant documentation is not only problematic but a major driver of increased poverty levels. (Compromised social service delivery).

Before I talk about South Africa at length, I should here state that I fully support the right to life. I do not support lawlessness and extra judicial killings.

The recent Black on Black attacks must not disappear from the policy radar of regional dialogue. We must ask the question: Why the violence? Who was behind it and why?  Is there anybody who benefits from violence?

Some of the videos which went viral are actually worrisome, because they offend truth and compromise law and order. Again, I ask our readers to go back and trace the genesis of Black on Black violence in the run up to the first democratic elections, that ushered in the first Black President, Nelson, N. Mandela. (I do not think that Mandela was elected as President because he was black. He represented justice and a movement that fought an uncompromising struggle against white racist domination).

I have talked about South Africa because, what we have been seeing and reading of late, are miles away from reality. It is difficult to describe what South Africa is. Suffice to say, it is a complicated case.

Complicated as it is, it is a useful reference point to understand how best we can deal with Poverty in Africa.

I suggest, we take responsibility and work towards lasting solutions.     

See you next week.  

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