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By Terence Miselo

Musician Frank Chirwa famously known as Afunika has attracted attention on social media music platforms following the release of his 2019 single ‘Piki Piki Skirt’.

The song released early last week both in audio and video formats has made most talk on social media with followers and Afunika’s fellow artistes appreciating the good work. Artistes Petersen, SlapDee, David 2Kind and DJ Yeka Yeka are among the many entertainers that made open remarks over the song and how it is set to be a big hit.

The song has also dominated most of the air play in clubs and some renowned radio stations with Afunika’s fans constantly sharing and talking about it., one of the popular music outlets released the song five days ago and in no time, the song hit 27 thousand downloads and still counting.

‘Piki Piki [Skirt]’ has also shielded some great hits like ‘Finally’ and ‘Ncinjeni Abanandi’ which made an impact towards the end of 2018.

The song is a big danceable tune set in Afunika’s self-proclaimed style of ‘new version Kalindula’ and is possibly a huge comeback for the artiste also called ‘Eye of an Eagle’.

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