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By Nation Reporter

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has described the late former United Nations (UN)Secretary General Kofi Annan as an enduring force of good whose noble intentions helped make the world a better place for all.

In messages of condolences to Mr Annan’s family and to the UN Secretary-General, H.E Mr. Antonio Guterres, President Lungu recalls that at one of the UN’s most challenging phases, in terms of threats to the very survival of multilateralism, Mr Annan steered the global peace body with great tact, competence with the noblest of intentions.

“When the world faced the real and imminent danger of a descent into unilateralism that threatened the very foundations of the global peace and security humanity has enjoyed since the end of the Second World War, Mr Annan deployed his impeccable diplomatic skills to bring all nations together”, President Lungu said.

In a statement released by Presidential spokesperson, Amos Chanda, the President said, “As we mourn his passing, we celebrate his exceptional achievements. He served with sufficient honour, presiding over some of the UN’s most successful moments such as the agreement on the Millenium Development Goals and overseeing some of the organization’s largest peacekeeping missions.”

“Where he did see much success such as the push for the reforms of the UN Security Council, we note with regret that the five permanent members with veto powers let him down as they remained gridlocked in favour of the status quo,” Mr Lungu observed.

“As we mourn this great statesman and admirable internationalist, let us remain true to his long desired vision to see a more democratic, fairer and efficient United Nations organization. That is the least we can do to honour his memory as we celebrate the great legacy he has enshrined in the annals of the UN,” the President says.

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