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FRED M’membe should stop inciting Armageddon in Zambia because he does not understand the severe consequences of the vice and there is no dire situation in the country that warrants that, Chief Luchembe of Mpika has said.

And Mr M’membe’s socialism ideology has been described as a non-starter and big joke by a majority of Zambians following his pledge to abolish capitalism and introduce free health and education if he forms government in 2021.

Chief Luchembe advised the Socialist Party president, Mr M’membe to think before opening his mouth to speak.

He was reacting to Mr M’membe’s sentiments that new ideas were needed to enable people get out of poverty and avoid the ‘impending’ Armageddon.

Chief Luchembe said what Mr M’membe was doing was tantamount to agitating for Armageddon in Zambia because currently there were no indications from citizens that they wanted to rise.

He said there was no alarming situation that warranted Armageddon and that even the hunger situation was not as severe as to warrant such action.

Chief Luchembe said Zambians should be wary of politicians like Mr M’membe who were in the game out of bitterness.

He observed that Mr M’membe did not care about the peace the country was enjoying as his utterances had the potential to instigate pandemonium.

Chief Luchembe advised Mr M’membe to stop the hate and avoid practicing politics out of bitterness.

“M’membe does not understand the consequences of what he is agitating for. What hunger is he talking about that can push this nation into armageddon. This kind of politics which is driven by bitterness is not good,” he said.

And the following are social media comments on Mr M’membe’s socialism plans,

Conrad Mbandu: Some politicians do not know what they talking about, how can someone abolish capitalism when every nation is introducing it?

Gregory Kabwe:  Ba M’membe time for absolute or pure ideologies is past. This time around, you blend. Moreover, what Zambians are ready to listen to is how food will find itself on a table. Not these theories. By the time you will finish explaining your theories to Zambians I’m pretty sure you will have lost the 2021 elections. All the best.

Kuntakinte Spartacus:  M’membe should be serious. How does he expect the West such as USA to allow him abolish capitalism? That’s a big joke of the millennium

Haggspark Haggai: The spirit of Socialism binds us together, and together we’ll fight against Capitalism, Against the oppressors.

Mweru Wantipa: He should also lead by example by abolishing taxes, kaili that was his downfall.

Solomon Muntanga Sibalwa: Socialism will just bring misery to people. We need a mixed economy.

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