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THE announcement by Patriotic Front (PF) that it will hold an elective general conference between June and July this year is a true demonstration of internal democracy, Anti-Voter Apathy Project (AVAP) Executive Director Richwell Kalwani has said.

Mr Kalwani told the Daily Nation in an interview that holding of intra-party polls during conventions or general conference would further strengthen democracy of the nation.

He said the PF’s decision to hold a general conference was a clear demonstration of the party’s commitment to upholding the national Constitution and strengthen the country’s democracy.

“We welcome announcement by the ruling PF to hold the general conference. As AVAP we commend the ruling party for setting a very good example which we expect other political parties to follow,” Mr Kalwani said.

He has however advised the PF to float all party positions for elections so that members could contest. “We advise other political parties including the UPND to emulate PF and ensure that they hold their convention so that party members can contest for position as enshrined in the national Constitution,” Mr Kalwani said.

Mr Kalwani challenged the UPND leadership as the biggest opposition party to demonstrate that the party was democratic by hold a convention. He said holding of convention was a constitutional requirement which all political parties should follow.

And Mr Kalwani has advised political parties to respect the law as the country gets closer to campaign period.

He said political parties should concentrate on selling their party manifesto as opposed to violence and other illegal means to win an election.

He said political parties should start talking to their members to desist from insults and violence as means of campaign.

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