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CONGESTION will soon be a thing of the past on Katima Mulilo Road which is under construction as AVIC International has repaired an alternative road opposite Sun free of charge to address the challenge.

A company engineer Paul Liu said since the road is under construction, the company thought it necessary to repair 100 metres stretch of road opposite Sun Shire as an alternative road for the public.

Mr Liu said apart from road opposite Sun Share, the company was also working on Vubu Road at no cost.

He said the company had spent US$20, 000 for the two roads in terms of materials and manpower.

Mr Liu  said working on the two roads was another way of training its man power in patching roads without using machines.

“We are doing Katima Mulilo road so we use this road as a recommended road but what we discovered is that it is not in good shape so we decided to repair the road because when the rain comes the road will be very bad.

“We are also working on Vubu Road.

This is also a way we can train our employees to pave step by step,” he said.

He said once the road was completed, motorists using Katima Mulilo Road would not be inconvenienced.

And a motorist, Maxwell Chisenga, has commended AVIC International for working on an alternative road.

He said the congestion along Katima Mulilo was stressful for motorists.

“This is a good initiative by AVIC International because there was no another alternative road for motorists hence we had no choice but to get stuck in congestion.

“I just hope that they will finish working on it before heavy rain comes because it will delay the completion,” he said.

Recently the Zambian government embarked on massive road construction projects with already existing road getting face lifts.

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