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Dear Editor,

I AM writing through your paper to complain about the state of affairs at Examinations Council of Zambia. I hope Ba Kateka will be able to see and read this piece, we are in need of help Mr. President.

Ba Kateka twachula at ECZ, we have too much tribalism, nepotism and marginalisation of individuals and individuals with different viewpoints.

Why should we live like slaves in our own country? Why? The people you have entrusted to run the institution are abusing us daily and no one seems to care?

Are we less Zambian by being there or what? We have reported to the relevant institution about our situation but nothing seems to change. I hope you will be able to see this Mr. President. We need your help at ECZ.

The Ministry of General Education has failed to come to our aid despite numerous reports over the situation. We even suspect the ministry officers are in cohorts with the oppressors at our institution.

Within the organisation there is no office one can report to for help (the current holder of office of council secretary who ideally is expected to protect us is also in cohort with the oppressor). A few individuals are calling the shots at the expense of the majority and they are just favouring one another. Imagine Sir, we have employees who have never had a trip since the year began meanwhile others, move every month. Please send some people to help us. We are tired Ba Kateka.

For example how do you explain people getting 15 days for a trip while others are getting 9 days for the same trip? And there is no explanation for that.

Or alternatively, check the names of officers say for the past five years who have been travelling abroad? You will find the same names basically? What about the rest of the staff? All we want is a share of the cake or has it become a sin to be of a certain tribe in Zambia? I believe I do not need to change tribe to enjoy being at ECZ or anywhere in my country.


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