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THE Bishops Council of Zambia (BCZ) has urged the clergy, dispatched around Zambia to orient congregants on the Constitution Amendment Bill number 10, to support the proposed law.

BCZ Secretary-General Bishop Abel Kaela says the Bill should go ahead because it is a well-meaning law towards Zambians’ positive identity.

He said congregants should take the opportunity to understand the Bill through their church leaders and not walk out as incited by some opposition leaders.

Bishop Kaela was responding to Bweengwa United Party for National Development (UPND) member of Parliament Michelo Kasauta’s sentiments inciting worshipers to walk out on the clergy orienting them on Bill 10.

He said Zambians should ignore the UPND because the party allegedly has no identity for Zambia.

“For the UPND, these people we know them from the onset, we don’t know what they want because even if God gave them time to rule, what identity do they want to bring in this nation, the identity of homosexuality, witchcraft? These are not things that we want.

“These people have their masters who are sending them but we will not succumb to that,” he said.

Bishop Kaela said the Bill is defining Zambia’s identity as a nation and those that do not want to have such character are conniving to stop it.

He said the Bill will go ahead because people supporting it are working as a Christian nation

“We are urging all well-meaning Zambians especially members of Parliament to look at the Bill with a mind for posterity because it has not come to destroy. As the clergy, we are mobilizing to ensure that people understand and accept the Bill,” he said.

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