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By Nation Reporter

A HOUSEWIFE who could not conceive has divorced her husband in a Lusaka local court in pursuit of peace which she said she has never experienced because of her failure to have children.

This is a case in which Ruth Namushi, 46, of Kalundu sued her husband, Moses Phiri, 50, for divorce.

The two got married in 2011 and do not have children.

Namushi told senior court magistrates Morgan Kayanika and Esther Mulomba at Kanyama Local Court that she sued Phiri for divorce because he had been complaining that she was barren.

She said although Phiri was complaining, she had told him at the time they were getting married that she was unable to conceive.

Phiri started going back home around 23.00 hours and that when she asked him why he was getting home late, he would tell her that he was watching football.

Eventually he stopped taking baths from home and refused to eat food she prepared.

Namushi further said that people started telling her that Phiri had married another woman which he later confirmed to her, she said.

In defence, Phiri said that he could not complain that Namushi was barren because she had already told him so when they were marrying but that problems started in 2017 when he found charms in a bottle in Namushi’s bag.

Phiri admitted marrying another woman and said that he wanted a polygamous marriage.

But Namushi said that she could not be in polygamous marriage because of the problems she went through.

The court said that the main issue was that Phiri’s complaints that Namushi was barren and that he was suspicion of charms and feared that he could be killed.

The court said that marriage was love and that if there were suspicions, there would be no peace.

The court said that Namushi did not want a polygamous marriage and it granted the couple divorce ordering Phiri to compensate Namushi with K6, 000 to be paid iny monthly installments of K400.

The court also ordered that all households acquired together to be shared equally.

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