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IT is mediocrity of the highest order and a show of irresponsibility for former archbishop of Lusaka to incite people to rise against each other in 2021 opposition political parties and an NGO have charged.

Commenting on Bishop Mpundu’s statement that the PF had legalised theft and that the 2021 general elections will be bloody if the breakdown in law and order continued, ZRP leader Wright Musoma, NCP president Peter Chanda, and Zambian DNA spokesperson Spuki Mulemwa said Bishop Mpundu had gone berserk.

Mr. Musoma said it was no longer a secret that Bishop Mpundu was a UPND cadre and that the violence he was proposing ahead of the 2021 elections was from the “UPND textbook” on how the party intended to tackle the polls. “Bishop Mpundu is just failing to tell people that his preferred man, Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND are headed for a defeat but have to incite people so that they can hide their shame in political violence when they lose.

“He is speaking like that because he has realised that there is no life in the UPND and his hopes of seeing Mr. Hichilema inaugurated as Republican President are dwindling.  “Such kind of utterances amount to mediocrity, insincerity, and irresponsibility on the part of  the man who should have been preaching peace and national building. That violence and chaos he is talking about only exists in his head but that is what happens when the clergy have been turned into cadres,” Mr. Musoma said.

And Mr. Chanda said the Pope had been vindicated for dropping Bishop Mpundu as he would have set the country on fire if he had continued on his position.

“It now makes a lot of sense why the Pope dropped this man because if he continued on his position, the UPND would not only have sponsored violence, but would have received backing propagated through church members by Bishop Mpundu. Bishop Mpundu is becoming a danger to this country and his dismissal was timely. “It is sad men of collar who should rise above partisan politics are meddling into cadereism. My appeal to the Bishop is that he must spend his retirement time at home quietly because if he puts himself on the wrong side of the law, he may end up spending the rest of his life in jail,” Mr. Chanda said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mulemwa said there was no breakdown in the rule of law because if that was the case, some senior government officials who were in court facing various offences would not have been in that situation as the State would have protected them.

“As Zambia DNA, we wish to put it on record that there has never been a breakdown of law and order in this country. The government, which was democratically elected by the Zambians, has put the rule of law and justice for all, high on its agenda and so, Bishop Mpundu must stop inciting falsehood by agitating for violence,” Mr. Mulemwa said.

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