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THE Church is embarrassed with the behavior of some pastors and prophets who are focused on preaching for money instead of the salvation of the people, Cathedral of Miracles Church Bishop Naison Nyonyo has said.

And US-based Zambian author and leadership mentor, Daniel Longwe has challenged the church to take up the role of counseling those in national leadership, instead of leaving the job to witches.

Bishop Nyonyo  told the Daily Nation in an interview that it was a big embarrassment to the body of Christ that pastors should be caught up in fraud and other money related crimes instead of being a mirror of transparency, honesty and companionate to the people on behalf of the Government.

He said what was being portrayed by some ministers of the gospel was embarrassing to the church. “Zambia being a Christin Nation, and as pastors, we must be in the forefront to help the country to clean the national image of poor governance decisions and mistakes,” he said.

He said the Ministry of Religious Affairs and National Guidance must come up with self-introspection programmes to help build strong church leadership who should be able to meet and address numerous challenges affecting their operations.

And also called on the Ministry to begin decentralizing its operations to the grassroots to help regulate operations of the mushrooming churches across the country.

And Dr Longwe, speaking in an interview with the Daily Nation, said the church should not only pray for government leaders, but must also provide counseling to those in national leadership.


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