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IF you follow the current Zambian music, one influenced by computerised sound, you will remember that at the very start of it, probably in the early 90s, a number of artistes emerged.

This was the period late Daddy Zemus released popular songs like ‘Salaula’, ‘Juju Lover’ and all.

Later periods saw the complete evolution of Zambian music and names like K’millian the mellow singer were born. One of K’millian’s common anthem was ‘’Kakabalika’’ featuring another mellow voice of Bob Muli.

Though not so much in the limelight Bob Muli  already had good songs to his name including singles ‘’Teti Ntendwe’’ and ‘’Niwe Ndota’’. His vocals made him become a big influence and featured on songs done by the likes of  Exile, Danny, OC, Kelvin Mwesa, MC Wabwino, Hamoba and Tolo to name only a few. He later took a seasonal approach to music and only occasionally worked on few recordings in the background.

However, the multi-talented singer is ready for the New Year with a collection of his long-awaited studio album which he is calling “Something Special“.

On this project Bob has combined old and new talent put together 19 complete tracks which come with a diversity of sound and melodies.

The album features Krizo Palo, K’Millian, Masiki, Hamoba, OC, Tolo and Kidman.

To achieve a variety of sounds, Bob Muli worked with producers OC, alongside Kidman, Bishop and Sebastian Mutale. The album which will be given freely to his followers was mastered by Shama of MS Music, Studios with support from his executive producer Francis Ngenda Sipalo and manager Zack Adams.

This album is meant to make Bob Muli reclaim his once-self-proclaimed title of R&B maestro.

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