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THE Ndola woman who was assaulted with a beer bottle on her private parts faces arrest for not appearing in court to give evidence against five suspects.

This follows the issuing of a bench warrant of arrest by Ndola Chief Resident Magistrate John Mbuzi after the state informed him that the complainant was still at large.

Police are now seeking to arrest Denise Mwanakambwila, 21, the woman who was stripped naked before a castle beer bottle was thrust into her private parts as punishment for allegedly going out with a married man.

Five women, who are alleged to have instituted the punishment, have been appearing in court, but the assault victim was reported to have fled to Lusaka and vowed not to give evidence.

Precious Kapambwe 25, Bridget Chisha 21, Margaret Mwansa 25, Catherine Banda 29 and Maureen Mutale 29, are alleged to have abducted Denise and subjected her to grievous bodily harm.

In count two, the five are charged with indecent assault reported to have occurred on December 1, last year.  They allegedly assaulted the victim, thereby occasioning actual bodily harm.

On the material day, Denise was having drinks at a bar at Masala main market with Harrison Mwanza, the husband of Precious Kapambwe when the five women allegedly seized her and dragged her to a house where the assault happened.

During the previous court sitting, Denise’s father said his daughter left home without informing her and that he was still looking for her.

One of the prosecutors told the court that he had received a call from Denise informing him that she was in Lusaka and would bot return to Ndola.

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