Boycott national prayer day at you own peril

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Dear Editor,

THE importance of national prayers cannot be under scored; otherwise it has been so worrisome whenever the declared day of national prayers comes up, giving us an opportunity as children of mother Zambia coming together in humbleness and humility to present our requests to the Almighty God.

Unfortunately our brothers and sisters from one region of Zambian, preferred last time not to take part, during this occasion the rest of the country had an opportunity to pray for the rains, among other things.

And now we have seen these people from this region who boycotted this noble occasion how they have been affected by the drought, a situation which has drastically reduced crop yields.

Zambians living in a Christian nation like ours should learn to adhere to the biblical guidance.

The bible says “Ask and you will be given” and next time when this occasion comes up let us all meet in supplication presenting our request to the Lord; avoiding to be deceived by political deceivers.


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