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THE killing of the three notorious Mailoni brothers, who terrorised people in Luano Valley, will unlock the tourism and business potentials in the valley area, Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament Mwimba Malama has said.

Mr. Malama said it would be interesting to learn how the Mailoni brothers managed to survive for seven years conducting acts of terror while evading the security and defence forces.

Mr Malama, who was speaking in Lusaka yesterday at the launch of the Mailoni brothers’ exhibition, challenged the movie industry in Zambia to utilise the opportunity to produce an action movie based on research into the activities of the notorious trio.

He said the exhibition could not have come at a better time when Central Province was hosting an expo to promote investments and development in the region including Luano.

“It is my sincere hope that the outcomes of the research would inspire a number of programmes that could be instituted in the valley for purposes of opening up the valley and interlinking the people of Luano with the rest of the country.

“However, it is quite relieving to learn that ‘out of the valley of darkness’ the Ministry of Tourism through the National Museums Board and in close collaboration with the Zambia Amateur Athletics Association would like to transform the poignant story of the slain Mailoni brothers into a life giving experience for the people of Luano and the nation at large in a unique activity termed ‘Programme re-activation in Luano Valley’,” he said.

Mr Malama said out of passion and duty, the Lusaka National Museum conducted an ethnographic field research on one of the most topical issues in the history of Zambia.

He said the organic foods of the valley could be promoted to deliberately provide good nutrition to the athletes and also a source of organic foods for local consumption and exports, such as honey whose market was readily available in China.

The Mailoni brothers had defied the police and sent waves of terror in Central Province having claimed many innocent lives, among them a doctor from the Flying Doctor Service.

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