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LAND developers should apply for building permits before embarking on any form of construction to avoid the risk of having their structures demolished, Solwezi Municipal Council (SMC) Assistant Public Relations Manager Esther Chirwa has said.

The appeal is part of public sensitisation programmes aimed at educating communities on the process to follow before any construction commences.

Ms Chirwa said it was illegal for any land developer to build a structure without acquiring a building permit from the local authority.

“This is because the law under the Urban and Regional Act of 2019 requires that persons intending to come up with structural buildings get permission from the local authority,”’ Ms Chirwa said.

She advised residents who have started building without getting permission from the local authority to legalise their works.

“One thing that needs to be understood here is that the local authority gives a notice to apply for permission within 28 days before executing a demolition,” she said.

Ms. Chirwa however said SMC did not take pleasure in razing structures though its duty demanded that the law was followed.

She was happy that the awareness programme was successful as a good of number of land developers had started availing themselves to the local authority to get building permits.

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