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A 40-YEAR-OLD man has dragged a woman to court in Lusaka to reconcile over a shop he built on her premises alleging that she wants to evict him pre-maturely before the time they agreed.

This is a case in which Jonathan Zulu, a Businessman of Chunga compound sued Esnart Mwepu, 41, of George compound for reconciliation over eviction.

Zulu told senior court magistrate Ganston Kalala at Matero Local Court that he built a shop on Mwepu‘s premises and that they agreed that he would be there for two years but that she wanted to evict him just after 11 months.

He said that he did not recover the money he spent on building the shop because just after he finished building, Mwepu said he would operate there for only one year.

Zulu added that Mwepu refused to sign an agreement and that she later told him that he should start paying her K650 on November 15, 2018.  When he said he would pay on November 30, she cut off the lights to the shop and threw out the groceries and drinks.

In defence, Mwepu said that Zulu found her shop at window level in September 2017 and that he only used his cement and sand because she already had blocks.

She said that she told Zulu to give her the receipts to ascertain the expenses but he refused and just said he used K6000.

Mwepu said that when she told Zulu to sign an agreement, he told her that he did not know how to write.

‘’In October 2018, Zulu was supposed to start paying me K650 because we agreed just a year but he said he can be paying me K550 which he refused to pay and started insulting me. In submission, Zulu said that he wanted to be paid K4000 because he used K8000 to build the shop.

Mwepu said that she wanted the court to help her and see the shop in question if Zulu really used K8000 to build it adding that she doesn’t want him to continue using the shop.

The court said that the problem was both Mwepu and Zulu did not sign an agreement.

The court ruled a failed reconciliation and advised Zulu to calculate the expenses and sue for payment.


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