CAF race: Kalu tips FAZ

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IN this case, the best thing to do, is for the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) to call for an executive committee meeting so that they can choose who to represent the country at CAF, says Zambian soccer legend Kalusha Bwalya.

Kalusha said in an interview that it was best for the national soccer governing body  to call him and his successor Andrew Kamanga to an executive committee meeting to speak and  address it on what both prospective candidates for the CAF executive committee on what they aspire to do

He said that the seven executive committee members needed to be subjected to a secret ballot to choose who it would back in the upcoming CAF executive committee elections.

“Let FAZ call for an executive committee meeting then they invite me to come to that meeting, they can ask Andrew and I to speak for 5-10 minutes with Andrew speaking first or I can speak first and address what one can be able to do and aspire to do in that position,”  he said.

He said that the simple democratic process would have helped in choosing who the association would back for the executive committee position.

Kalusha, who is the incumbent CAF executive committee member said it was wrong for anyone to appoint themselves and that the people who work for FAZ must be able to look at the rules.

“What is wrong with following a democratic process to set a precident.  Let the people choose and whoever they choose will have the blessings of the executive of the people because this position should be held by Zambia,” he said.

“This position should be held by Zambia and then you are not just representing your household or your community but you are representing 14 other Southern African countries.”

This is why it is written that the nominee should be appointed by a national association.

The former FAZ president said that he was alive to the fact that any candidate that would be nominated would get the blessings of Government because they were the major stakeholders.

“We need to offer solidarity to a fellow Zambian and whoever is given the mandate we shall be able to shake his hand and say good luck,” he said.

Kamanga and Bwalya are facing a deadlock after the former expressed interest to vie for a CAF elective position in which the latter is seeking re-election.




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