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GOVERNMENT should continue reprimanding media institutions that have chosen to promote lies, hatred and tribalism because they would have serious consequences if allowed, Campaign for the Restoration of National Values (CRNV) executive director Justin Katongo has said.

Mr Katongo observed that some media institutions had deliberately chosen to ignore their role of entertaining, educating and informing citizens. He said in an interview that some reporters were not only being unethical and unprofessional in the execution of their duties but also unpatriotic to the nation.

Mr Katongo warned that most countries that had suffered civil unrest before were as result of such lack of patriotism.

“As citizens, we want to see responsible reporting aimed at maintaining even stronger ties among ourselves as a people for posterity will judge us harshly if we deliberately choose to throw ourselves in turmoil,” he said.

And Mr Kasongo implored the media not to be used by ‘selfish’ politicians in a manner that would not promote tenets of democracy.

He said that lies, hatred and tribalism only divide the country and risk plunging it in pandemonium.

“As the country is preparing for elections, we would like to implore all men and women in the media to avoid being used by selfish politicians,” said Mr Katongo.

Meanwhile, Mr Katongo said that CRNV would soon launch a nationwide education campaign aimed at restoring national values.

He said that it was time to change Zambia by fighting tribalism, lies and hatred for the betterment of future generations.

And the Zambian DNA says it is elated that President Edgar Lungu was expected to address the National Assembly today on the strides the country had made on the application of national principles and values.

Party spokesperson, Spuki Mulemwa said while the Head of State would highlight many successes Zambia had scored and the challenges, the role of citizens in the application of national principles and values was critical.

“We are of the view that citizens should actively be involved in promoting peace and unity anchored on ‘One Zambian One Nation’, patriotism, gender parity, fight against corruption and the early girl child marriage, drug and alcohol abuse,” he said. However, he said, it was unpatriotic for any citizen to tarnish the country’s image by peddling falsehoods and speaking ill of Zambia.

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