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LECTURERS and unionised workers at the Copperbelt University (CBU) in Kitwe have gone on strike over non-payment of their March salaries.

The workers at the institution had staged another work stoppage last month to protest over delays to pay them their February salaries, but they resumed work on March 26 after the dues were affected.

Copperbelt University Academics Union (CBUAU) President Derrick Ntalasha said they had decided to stage another work stoppage because they had given Government enough time to pay them, but nothing had come to fruition.

“After the due day of getting paid passed, we waited for five days to see what Government or management would do, but nothing came to fruition. Therefore, we decided to go on strike again.

“We should not be perceived to be bad people or working against the government. No. All what we want is to get paid. If a person works, he should be paid,” Dr Ntalasha said.

CBUAU General Secretary Willie Ngosa said the work stoppage was not a go-slow, but that workers had just stayed away.

Recently, Higher Education Minister Nkandu Lou announced the closure of the institution after students went on an orgy of destruction

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