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THE new tax mines tax regime is welcome because it will help government to realize more revenue needed for service delivery across the country, the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) in North western has said.

CCJP provincial coordinator John Kalusa said in an interview said his organisation fully supported government action to increase the taxes as it needed funds to fulfil different development projects.

‘’The move taken by the government to increase is very much welcome as an organization we are fully in support of that because at the end of the day government needs money to undertake and deliver the much needed services to the people of Zambia,’’ Mr Kalusa said.

He urged the mining firms to cooperate with Government by paying the newly introduced taxes.

He said doing so would result in other mining investors getting attracted to invest in the country.

He also suggested that the government should come up with a mandatory law that would compel all investors to carry out corporate social responsibility programmes. Many towns were lagging behind in development despite hosting huge investments in various sectors of the economy because the companies did not have social responsibility policies and programmes.

He said making corporate social responsibility mandatory would foster development in most parts of the the country. ‘’It will also not just lessen pressure on Government but will also help society benefit directly from the investment (in their area),’’ he added.

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