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THE 2020 census of population will help bring about a reliable and true picture of Zambia’s social and economic status, says National Development Planning Minister Alexander Chiteme.

Mr Chiteme said the Central Statistical Office (CSO) was currently preparing to conduct the next round of the Census of Population and Housing in August next year.

The previous Census of Population and Housing was conducted in October 2010.

Mr Chiteme said the exercise would help Government to plan for citizens and that the preparation of the next census and advance activities were underway.The CSO has commenced a pilot mapping exercise covering the whole country.

“This exercise is basically a geographic listing process where a frame of all housing units including vacant ones, all non-residential buildings, buildings under construction, schools and health facilities will be compiled,” he said.

“Municipal water systems, wastewater treatment facilities public transit stations, warehouses and boreholes, other structures and prominent features in an area will also be compiled,” he said.

Mr Chiteme has thus appealed to the general public to cooperate with the map data collectors and provide them the required information.

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