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TEACHERS in Lusaka district must adjust their working schedules to cover-up on the lost time caused by delays in reopening schools, says Ministry of General Education permanent secretary for Administration Felix Phiri.

Speaking during the cholera awareness launch at Lusaka Boys secondary School, Dr Phiri appealed to all teachers in the district to find ways of helping learners catch up on the lost time.

“In the case of Lusaka, cholera disrupted opening of schools resulting in loss of learning time and life in some way. I therefore, appeal to all teachers to find a way of making up for the lost time,” Dr. Phiri said.

He added that education was key to ensure that diseases such as cholera were eradicated completely, without leaving a trace.

He said that through education, Zambia could develop a hygienic life style which could in turn inspire communities to adopt high living standards.

And open and distance education director Bridget Moya said government intended to foster a sustainable learning system that would provide quality education for all people in Zambia.

“Government through the Ministry of General Education has revised its curriculum and is implementing the two tier education system- academic and vocational pathways of which it will offer free education to all,” she said.

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