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Dear Editor,

A few weeks ago, there was general euphoria and great jubilation in the Patriotic Front when it made inroads into the UPND stronghold of Kafue.

This was heralded as a step into the future in which the PF would penetrate the otherwise impervious southern area of the country.

As expected, there is now gloom, misery and great pain that the UPND is entering their cooper belt stronghold through Chishimba Kambwili.

These elections were not even a proper election because they simply constituted some kind of vote of confidence in Chishimba Kambwili and not the party that he represented or indeed the ideal that Kambwili himself stood for.

There was very little mention of any major issues from Kambwili of indeed HH when they campaigned in

Their main theme was to emphasis the fact that the PF corrupt and how the leadership had amassed wealth in a very short time of assuming office.

Whatever the case this is how politics should be, you win some and lose some. The real answer is to use the losses as an opportunity to gather experiences and prepare for the next election.

The PF should just simply lick its wounds and investigate how Kambwili who was a discounted politician was able to mobilise the votes which defeated his main rival.

The advent of the alliance is a fact indeed but it is not good enough to explain the loss because the UPND on its own did not have enough votes to beat the PF. Two things can explain what has happened.

Firstly that the UPND held strong and sent in all their voters into the voting booths while the PF basked in their old glory, forgetting that ubulimi bwakale…old fame does not feed present needs. This means that the UPND must have sent all their voters to vote Kambwili, while the few disaffected PF memberas would have either stayed away or indeed voted for Kambwili’s candidate.

Secondly the PF may be losing popularity and therefore people voted with their feet and ballot box by staying away and indeed voting for the alliance as a protest gesture. The question to concentrate on is to find the weak areas of the party and why indeed people would want to move away from the party which has been representing their interests.

Time has come for those with thinking caps to think through this loss and find a way of salvaging success from the negative.

Wilson Sande

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