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KELVIN Bwalya Fube is just being overzealous to start thinking of being the PF presidential candidate for 2021 elections because he has never been in the national central committee, Lusaka Province PF information and publicity secretary Christopher Shakafuswa has said.

Yesterday, Mr. Fube requested President Edgar Lungu to step down and give him the chance to contest the presidency on the PF ticket in 2021, saying he had the ability to correct the mistakes made by the ruling party and deliver development to the people of Zambia.

He said it was clear that President Lungu had done his best for both the ruling party and the country, but that some people surrounding him made him appear like he was not working.

“I want to restate that I am running for the presidency in 2021. Recently, Mr President, you confessed that you have been lied to by some people in your team. I could not agree more, ‘balamibepa bakateka,” Mr. Fube said.

But speaking to the Daily Nation yesterday, Mr. Shakafuswa said the PF had laid down procedures on who qualified to any position and that what Mr. Fube was talking about was mere daydreaming as he did not qualify.

“Those that want to stand for the presidency are people who should have served in the central committee and KBF does not qualify. He is just being overzealous. Let him humble himself and go to the branches.

“Let him form a branch as chairperson and will be allowed to stand at ward level after two years and if he is lucky, he can then start progressing. In the PF constitution, there are no shortcuts unless someone is lucky and is appointed to the central committee by the President himself,” Mr. Shakafuswa said.

He said Mr. Fube must go to the grassroots and rise through the rank and file of the party before he can start thinking of becoming the president.

“In our party, a branch official is eligible to stand as a ward executive and a ward executive is eligible to stand at constituency level after serving for over two years. KBF has never been a member of the central committee since the inception of the PF.

“The highest position he has attained was that of a sub-committee chairperson for elections to which he was appointed by Jean Kapata who was the elections committee chairperson. In short, KBF does not qualify to stand as a presidential candidate or any senior position of the party at the convention because he has never been a member of the national central committee,” he said

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