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UPCOMING singer Nkole Chewe musically calling himself Ole says his first single featuring renowned music maker Chester has motivated him to do music and live his long time passion.

Ole who gets music inspiration from Chester, JK and other great singers says his new single titled ‘Balipanga’ featuring Chester himself is the beginning of his dedicated music journey which will be heightened by the release of an album later this year.

“Chester is a good artiste and I chose him for my promotional single because he is very inspiring. We did the chorus within 20 minutes and did everything for the song the same day,” Ole says.

He plans to release his full album by next month and so far four songs have already been completed.

“I will feature a number of local artistes. I am very grateful to B-Shap, Jerry D and More Power Records for the support. People must now request and enjoy ‘Balipanga’ as it is on promo,” said Ole.

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