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THE national dialogue should be done away with because it is not yielding the desired results, Chief Luchembe of the Bemba speaking people has said.

The traditional leader said President Edgar Lungu was willing to dialogue and wondered what the delay was about.  In an interview an yesterday, the traditional leader said it was unfortunate that the dialogue process had failed to take off and the more reason it should be done away with.

“Government should be allowed to run its affairs with hinderances. The much-talked about dialogue process is derailing development. The dialogue process should be done away with as it is not yielding any desired result,” he said.

Chief Luchembe said some unscrupulous people were undermining the process although he could not point a finger at them.

He said citizens were eager to see the outcome of the dialogue process but that it was taking unnecessary long and suggested that it be done away with as it was derailing development.

The three Church Mother Bodies and the Zambia Centre for Inter party Dialogue have been at loggerheads both claiming the right to lead the process.

He urged the opposition to continue providing its watchful role of proving checks and balances.

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