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ABOUT 400 direct jobs have been created by Kashokoto, the new owners of Mushingashi Game Ranch in Mumbwa, Chief Kaindu has said.

Commenting on what had appeared to be tension on investments in his area, south-east of the Great Kafue National Park, the chief said so far, Kashokoto had created about 400 jobs for the locals.

He said that the level of job creation by the new Mishingashi Game Ranch was an unprecedented development in the chiefdom.

Chif kaindu said the complaints from people about the investor fencing of the game ranch, was misunderstood as Kashokoto only intended to create temporal paddocks for quarantining of the new animals they wanted to buy from the ranch.

He dispelled reports that Kashokoto was tempering with the Kafue River, saying the investor was simply trying to create fish breeding areas.

Chief Kaindu said he needed investors to go to his area, as currently, only Royal Kafue who was not an investor but a mere developer operating a game ranch using locally sourced resources.

He said Royal Kafue did not have title deeds yet and hence the reason they owned no infrastructure.

He said that he desired Royal Kafue, Kaindu Natural Resources and Kashokoto to meet and iron out differences so that they could work in harmony to develop the area.

And Kashokoto coordinator, Allan Lupenga, said the project was working well with the community and government.

He said so far, Kashokoto had invested about US$10 million into the project and was looking at doing more.

Mr. Lupenga said the firm was now waiting for an Environmental Project Brief following approval of some of its proposals by the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA). He said Kashikoto had so far engaged two extension officers to train communities in agriculture

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