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SENIOR Chief Musele of the Lunda people in Kalumbila district has appealed for peace in sub-chief Nyoka’s chiefdom in Kasempa district where two brothers have been fighting for leadership.

The traditional leader urged the two brothers to bury the hatchet and allow let the people of Nyoka to choose a leader of their choice.

He was speaking when he chaired a reconciliatory meeting at the weekend between the two warring brothers who had been fighting for the chieftaincy.

Chief Musele said the continued fights in the chiefdom were retrogressive as they had the potential to scare away would-be investors.

The wrangles, he said, would scuttle development as no meaningful discussions could take root in an area fraught with misunderstanding.

‘’And in this case, it is the people that are suffering because of the continued fights between the two of you.

It is therefore my humble appeal to both of you to live in harmony and let the people themselves choose who should lead them,’’ he said.

He said leadership comes from God hence the need to leave the selection of the leadership to the people, who would be guided by God.

He said chieftainship was sacred but it would be demeaned for people to fight over traditional leadership when selection should be conducted with due decorum.

‘’We are demeaning it because we are following the procedure of chieftaincy which is confusing the young generation and the leaders of tomorrow.

“This is making it very difficult for government to come in and help,’’ he added.

And North-western Province permanent secretary Willies Mangimela said the provincial administration would only operate well when there was peace in all the chiefdoms.

Mr Mangimela said traditional leaders must lead by example and provide good leadership so that development could be fostered.

‘’Therefore, there is need for the people of Nyoka to choose a leader of their choice,’’ he said.

He said according to the constitution, Government has no power to settle traditional disputes but can only guide.

‘’Therefore, the wish of the provincial administration and Government at large is for royal highnesses in the province to work together as one and have a spirit of give and take,’’ he said.

The meeting which lasted for over seven hours concluded with a call for the Nyoka family to go back to the drawing board and choose who should be a sub chief.

The meeting was attended by senior chiefs Kasempa, Mujimanzovu, Kalilele and Musele as chair.

Others were, provincial permanent secretary Willis Mangimela, district commissioner for Solwezi, Kasempa and Mushindamo respectively.

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