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IT IS disappointing that Zambians are now behaving like animals maiming each other just to win a seat in parliament, Senior Chief Puta has said.

The traditional leader said he was angry with the political violence that characterised the Sesheke by-election and other wards.

Chief Puta said Zambians were playing with war because they had no idea about the suffering of people in war-torn countries and warned that if the current situation was not rectified, 2021 would be bloody.

He said the UPND and PF shouldered the blame for the violence that rocked Sesheke as they were the main culprits and appealed to leaders from the two parties to reflect on events in Sesheke and ask themselves if that was the Zambia they wanted.

“How can we be fighting each other like that? Are we animals? Why should blood be spilled just because of a parliamentary seat? Which country will we go to if we set this country on fire, knowing too well that God is no longer in the business of creating countries?

“I will not side with any of the two political parties but leaders from both the PF and the UPND must be ashamed of themselves.

“I live around the border ad I know the suffering that people in our neighbouring countries where there is civil unrest are going through and I get surprised that there are still people who are taking this peace we are enjoying for granted because they don’t know what it means for someone to leave his own country and opt to stay in a foreign country due to war,” senior Chief Puta said.

He called on the Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs to ensure that chiefs were also included in the national dialogue because they were the custodians of the people who were at the centre of political violence.

He also called on then Electoral Commission of Zambia to be magnanimous enough by ensuring that the electoral code of conduct was adhered to and that those that failed to observe it be disqualified from contesting elections to serve as a deterrent measure.

“We are one people and I see no reason why we must start killing each other. Politicians must be held accountable for their actions. The ECZ must ensure that those abrogating the electoral code of conduct are reprimanded,” he said.

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