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WHY fix something that is not broken? Did the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation ever hurt anyone?

The jig is up. Diabolical agents of Satan that have infiltrated the ongoing so-called national dialogue will do well to consider these two pertinent questions.

Not for the first time since 1991, as on many fronts and many attempts, Satan’s agents are trying to remove the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation.

Indeed, those of us who are endeared in some circles as “Veteran Journalist” have seen this script play out on several occasions before. Why does the dragon and his agents hate the Christian nation status? It’s all because, like it or loathe it, it is Zambia’s invisible and protective hedge with proof on so many fronts.

All that Dr. David Livingstone is said to have done in 1873 as something of a last will and testament, was to kneel in prayer at the heart of this country in Serenje;

“Father, on this land where my bended knees rest, make it a Christian nation (in years to come). Let this nation be a beacon of light to the rest of the world,” the Scotsman prayed. Any doubters?

A Christian woman from the Great Lakes region was visiting Lusaka in 2008 when Third President Levy Mwanawasa died.

For her, it was a sensory overload. Zambians were going about their usual business such as shopping at Manda Hill Mall, et cetera. Until, she says, she heard God say, “I have given this country, the gift of peace.” Back in her home country, they would have been butchering each other and yet it was peace and quiet for Zambia. What an assault on the senses!

That is all that is fundamentally required in a moral universe. Put the name and Lordship of Christ on your country and you are putting a demand on God’s preserving power, for the sake of His name. Any Head of State who calls on the name of the Lord Jesus, on behalf of his nation, shall be delivered.

“I have now entered into a covenant with the Living God. I declare that Zambia is a Christian nation. I submit myself as President of the Republic of Zambia to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Likewise, I submit the government and people of Zambia to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Let the Lordship of Christ permeate every sector of Zambian society,” prayed Dr. Frederick Chiluba in 1991.

To govern is to choose. The vessel that God used had so many foibles but he was used anyhow. For the same reason, we don’t stop reading the Biblical Psalms and Proverbs because of kings David and Solomon’s shortcomings. Neither do we condone their sin.

See, how Zambia has been preserved. In the 1997 Captain Solo military coup attempt, Zambians hankered down in schools and churches to pray against the power seizure.

As Zambians cried to God in prayer, up and down the country, the Most High heard and crashed the coup.

At another time, the country would have been attacked by a foreign adversary, so close, but God. What about the Cyclones or El Ninos which weathermen predicted would hit Zambia but when intercessors in the land stood in the gap, the storms were stilled.

How did Zambia ride the blood sacrifices of Satan’s agents through an unprecedented carnage of road traffic accidents or ritual killings?

How did we emerge triumphant from the Gabon tragedy? What about those times when there was no rain?

Truer to say, without the banner of the Lord Jesus upon Zambia, the country would have been minced by Ebola nearby.  As a Christian nation, God has truly been faithful. He has brought us this far by His mercy. Many times, God’s mercy upon Zambia has triumphed over judgement or else the nation would have been consumed.

Even just Islamic terrorists have confessed a dismal failure to attack Zambia. There is a covering over the Christian nation which shockingly, some unbelieving bishops, priests and pastors oppose.

They need to know that everybody sees something, nobody sees everything. That’s Theology for you. It is consumed by so many unknowns but we must make sure we agree on fundamentals. In fundamentals, unity. In non-essentials, liberty. In all things, charity.

In 2015 and 2016, President Edgar Lungu reiterated that Zambia is a Christian nation and he has continually made the proclamation. Something good dwells in him for he has met five spiritual benchmarks;

  1. Build a national house of prayer
  2. Open a national altar of almost daily prayer at State House and a Sunday afternoon worship service.
  3. Institute a national day of prayer on October 18.
  4. Continual proclamation that Zambia is a Christian nation.
  5. Create a ministry of Christian Affairs and National Guidance.

With all that Zambia has overcome in its 55 years of existence, you would expect the nebulous intent of Satan’s agents to come to an end. No, it won’t, because their master always retreats until an opportune time presents itself.

Such as pouncing on low-hanging fruit to hijack a national dialogue that is supposed to merely discuss politics and reach bipartisan consensus. Only for them to needlessly demand Re-litigation of the Christian nation declaration.

It beggars belief on whether those who call for such national “indabas” truly mean well when the event merely weaponises and emboldens enemies of Christ. These national indabas, because of the diabolical agenda of some, may well be a case of asking a Fox to guard your chickens!

Word be told, few clauses in the current constitution can equal the endorsement of the Christian nation preamble which was backed by critical mass of all 10 provinces when the constitutional review technocrats toured the country.

If some nefarious delegates are bent on removing the Christian nation declaration, they might as well go for the abolition of the Constitutional Court, Running-mate clause, et cetera.

Zambia is a democracy founded on the rule of law. How then does a bunch of few unhinged fellows that are gathered for an “indaba” begin to undo what “We the people” want?

If the resounding voice of 10 provinces that endorsed the Christian nation isn’t democracy, you would hate to see what is!

Let’s cut to the chest. Opponents of the Christian nation, despite themselves and their relatives enjoying life under the Zambian sun, have been mollycoddled for too long.

For any of them who have no short time span, let them recall what has happened to the Christian nation’s fiercest opponents since 1991.

Whether priest or politician, they have died, were cut off at the knees or they are on their back legs. The word retribution is often overused but with God, it’s justified.

These things are not mutually exclusive. God looks at the heart and sees that it is His name that an opponent hates. Venom against the Christian nation declaration is just a symptom. He therefore knows how to deal with His enemies.

They want a secular state to have a free hand at Satanism, pornographic movies, homosexual vices, filthy child sex education, paedophilia  and other evil practices. Those who oppose the Christian nation are a rented bunch of external financiers.

In 2014 or thereabout, at Lusaka’s Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Chief Chipepo of the Gwembe Valley put it succinctly, “whoever tries to touch the declaration, they’ll be history.” Enough said.

If delegates at the national dialogue love their lives, they should not traffic in the nonsensical attacks on the Christian nation status of Zambia. We are supposed to gain traction as a nation, happy to be under the banner of Christ and moving on.

This is no time for continued egregious attacks on the Christian nation. In 1966 at Zambia’s second anniversary of Independence, First Republican President Dr. Kaunda said, “Our aim remains as always – ONE ZAMBIA – ONE NATION – and where better to continue this aim than in the homes of our country for, from these homes, we can show the world that as a CHRISTIAN NATION God is all-powerful in our family life.”

KK continued his discourse, “So, at this time, as we celebrate our second birthday, I say to you all no matter where you are – the fields and factories; in the schools and colleges; in the shops and offices or wherever your work takes you – let God help us to help our country. I want to see nations governed by men governed by God. Why not let God run the whole world? Let us make a start here in our beloved Zambia.”

Earlier, at Westminster Abbey in London on 24th October, 1964 at 11:30 hours, the Dean blessed Zambia and its flag saying; “In faith and hope, we dedicate this flag of Zambia, the sign of its nationhood and the promise of its unity, in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen. And the blessing of God Almighty, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost be upon you and remain with you forever.”

The author is Deputy Head of Mission at the Zambian Embassy in Brazil.

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