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THE resolutions that came out of the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) are being misrepresented by some people from sections of society who never even attended the forum, Government Chief Whip Stephen Chungu has said.

Mr Chungu said in an interview that some people were thinking that the resolutions and amendments of the Constitution was a do or die thing for Government which was not the case.

He said Government was not desperate with the amendments of the Constitution and warned that UPND should not cry come the 2021 general elections.

Mr Chungu wondered why opposition parties like UPND who cried foul in the last general election that some clauses did not meet the aspirations of them forming Government were the ones against the   constitutional amendments.

He said the UPND were the ones who came up with the idea of amending the constitution upon noticing some lacunas in the current constitution and concerns from the general public.

He however said the current constitution was the one that made President Edgar Lungu win the election and he would still win under this same constitution come 2021.

He observed that if there were no amendments made   no one should cry foul over the 14 days petition period. He said that it was immoral for the lawmakers, who were supposed to be the custodians of Zambian laws, to mislead the nation and that those who boycotted the event should not talk about NDF.

“Government is not desperate neither is President Lungu  pushing anyone concerning constitutional amendments, but the people of Zambia are the ones that have issues with some clauses,” said Mr Chungu.

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