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CJ has unveiled a new single called ‘akabobo’.

This is a song that talks about a gentleman who appreciates his wife for who she is and how she makes him feel not about what people are discouraging him about her.

CJ is famous for umutwe wamunobe chalo chimbi among other songs.

The singer has promised his fans that he will do more this year.

lchibobo is a place where you sock cassava so that it may soften before it is charcoal braid or fried, the water usually used to sock the cassava and place is hot,mostly that place produces an unpleasant smile but cassava is never contaminated by that surrounding, so is my wife no matter how people try to talk her ,that will never change how I feel cause she is my world .

My spouse (Akabobo) cannot be compared to anyone because she fills my world with whatever a husband will ever wish to have or experience in their marriage, unlike other women who focus on looks but cannot take good care of their husband.

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