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ZAMBIA Revenue Authority (ZRA) should introduce a back-up system for ASCUDA World to maximize revenue collection, Nakonde Clearing and Forwarding Association Vice Chairperson, Mulenga Mutale has said.

ASCUDA World is a computerised system designed by the UN Conference on Trade and Development to administer a country’s customs system.

Mr Mutale told the Daily Nation in Nakonde that ASCUDA system which ZRA introduced in 2014 was a failed project and a hindrance to effective revenue collection.

He noted that the system had never been stable since its introduction and had no back up, thereby making operations difficult for both ZRA and tax payers.

“Sometimes the system may be down for more than three days which results to loss of revenue,” he said.

Mr Mutale appealed to ZRA to reintroduce ASYCUDY +++ as back up for ASCUDA World to eliminate disruptions.

He also suggested that more officers should be deployed to Nakonde border post to enhance efficiency in revenue collection.

“Shortage of manpower in borders particularly Nakonde border post is another issue that needs to be addressed urgently,” Mr Mutale said.

He said inadequate human resource at the Nakonde border post had resulted in overworking of the few available staff thereby negatively affecting efficiency.

“Allow me to thank ZRA Commissioner General Mr Chanda Kingsley for the efforts he and his team are making to make ensure that Government collects enough revenue in different sectors,” he added.

Mr Mutale also appealed to ZRA to hormonise the system so that goods cleared by senior officers in Nakonde were not intercepted by junior officers in Kapiri mposhi.

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