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ROAD Development Agency (RDA) will refurbish old steel and concrete road culverts as they are causing bridges to collapse, says Road Development Agency (RDA) chairperson Samuel Mukupa.

Mr Mukupa told the Daily Nation that most culverts were built between 1950 and 1980 and had reached the end of their lifespan.

Mr Mukupa said the agency would put up road culverts that could stand the test of time. He said that the agency would ensure the culverts withstood rainfall patterns which the country would experience.

He said the rainfall pattern had drastically changed which posed a danger to the lifespan of bridges.

Mr Mukupa said the agency would put up strong culverts especially in the northern part of the country as this was the area experiencing most destructions.

“As an agency we want to build a brand new design that will strengthen the culverts thereby reducing the collapsing of bridges. “Mostly the destruction of bridges are caused by the culverts. The rainfall pattern especially in the northern part of the country has caused the destruction of the culverts. So what we have decided is that we refurbish the culverts with brand new design so that they can stand in kind of rainfall pattern the country will experience,” Mr Mukupa said.

He said that the agency had identified the contractors that would build new culverts on all the bridges.

Mr Mukupa said the contractors would move on site once the rain season ended and that funds had already been secured for the projects.

“We have also decided that during the refurbishment of the culverts, the contractors will construct and upgrade roads to bituminous standard to avoid any destruction,” he said.

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