Cops kill guard mistakenly

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A LUSAKA family is in shock after their breadwinner, a security guard,  was gunned down in a mistaken identify by police pursuing suspected robbers at a farm in the Mwembeshi area.

Sitenge Namunji, 29, was shot dead while his patrol partner, Simushi Nasilele is admitted to the University Teaching Hospital with a bullet reportedly still stuck in his back.

The two, security guards at Marydale Farm which is owned by Sobi Industries, were shot as Zambia police were patrolling the farm after being summoned to investigate a suspected farm invasion by armed robbers.

The company, with 32 guards, had 16 on duty on the fateful night when suspected armed robbers were purportedly sighted within the farm.

Management at the farm reported the invasion to police, who immediately sent officers.

However, Nasilele and Namunji were separated from the 14 other guards as they were patrolling in a different part of the farm, and were not aware of police presence.

As the farm lights were switched off, the two hid and were unware that armed police were searching for the suspected armed invaders.

According to farm workers interviewed by the Nation, the search for the suspected thieves included every corner of the farm and when the search party reached the two guards, they were mistaken for thieves and shot.

The situation was acerbated as the two guards who were not in uniform tried to flee fearing that the armed robbers were near.

Namunji’s family told the Nation, his death had devastated them because he been reluctant to go for work.

According to Namunji’s widow, Kasemuka Mbuyu, her husband was sole bread winner even if his salary was only K418 every fortnightly.

She complained bitterly that her husband had died for K400 while their two children, aged 6 and 3, would now suffer because they had no other source of livelihood.

The three police involved were from Villalusha Police post.

Police spokesperson, Esther Katongo, could not be reached for a comment by Press as her phone went unanswered.


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