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A KAFUE civic leader has called for patience from hunger-stricken villagers as the government will soon deliver relief food to the area.

Chisakila ward councillor, Comply Siamungala, said he was in touch with Government to make sure relief food was delivered to the ward promptly to arrest the hunger situation. He said he had already submitted the request for relief food and was hopeful that Government would soon assist the affected households.

Mr Siamungala said many households in the ward did not harvest enough food due to the drought that affected most parts of the country.

Meanwhile, residents in Chisakila ward B commonly knowns ibbwelinunka have appealed to Government to urgently sink a borehole as people in the area lack clean drinking water. 

They said currently they are sharing water with animals at the only village well which service over 20 households.

The residents complained that the water from the well was not fit for human consumption. 

Their councillor assured residents that he would channel all their concerns to the government for action.

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