Court reserves ruling in Kambwili injunction case

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THE Lusaka High Court has reserved ruling in a matter where Chishimba Kambwili is seeking an injunction to stop  former Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda from allegedly issuing defamatory statements against him.

This is in a matter in which Mr Kambwili sued Mr Chanda claiming damages for defamation of character.

He alleged that Mr Chanda defamed him in October last year.

Mr Kambwili sued Mr Chanda after he referred him to as a thief and criminal, which words he said were collectively understood to mean that he was a well-known documented scrap metal thief as well as a criminal in general and that he did not have a reputation so no amount of defamatory words uttered against him could be considered defamatory because he was such a lowly human being.

He stated that the words were false, malicious and defamatory and he had been severely injured by them.

Kambwili also wants an injunction to restrain him from issuing any similar words either by himself or his agents.

But Mr Chanda through his lawyers Eric Silwamba asked the court to deny Mr Kambwili the injunction he is seeking.

Meanwhile, Kambwili’s lawyer, a Mr M. Munthali, said his client would rely on documents filed into court to obtain the injunction.

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