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CRIME levels are on the increase in Lusaka’s Esther compound near Hybrid area in Munali Constituency, some residents have complained.

Mr Penyasani Zimba told the Daily Nation yesterday that the area has seen an increase in criminals who were attacking people as early as 18:00 hours.

Mr Zimba also said house breakings, illicit sale of the local beer commonly known as Kachasu has also contributed to the high levels of crime.

Another resident Mr Gabriel Msoni bemoaned the presence of youthful gangs in the area attacking unsuspecting residents.

He said there is need for police officers from Kamanga police post as well as Chelstone police station to intensify night patrols.

“We are calling upon police officers to be proactive in the fight against crime by quickly responding and silencing criminal elements here in Esther compound as well as Casanova area,” said Mr Msoni.

Meanwhile police spokesperson Esther Katongo has appealed to the residents and the general public to report any criminal acts to police for quick response.

Ms Katongo said if crimes remained unreported that would worsen the situation.

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