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CRIMINALS have unleashed a reign of terror in Chamba Valley and Ngwenya in the Meanhood area, it has been learnt.

A resident, Isiah Mubita, said in an interview the criminals were attacking residents at any time and were grabbing their phones and other personal belongings.

Mr Mubita said, the residents were now living in fear and had restricted their movements.

He said there was need for the neighbourhood watch committee to start sensitising people about in the insecurity in the area.

He said most of those attacked were people coming from drinking places and women returning home from work.

“The neighbourhood watch committee must work closely with police when conducting night patrols to to stop the crime,” said Mr Mubita.

And Mr Kondwelani Konje said the challenge was that Chamba Valley was a new settlement and as such thieves had moved from other places to Chamba Valley and Ngwena to commit crimes.

Mr Konje said he suspected those attacking people or breaking into houses were those who moved around in these areas asking for piece work.

He said after knocking off, the same people mobilise themselves and returned to the houses to steal.

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