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DAILY Nation court reporter Justina Mulenga has died following an illness.

Ms. Mulenga, died at Matero Level 1 hospital in Lusaka on Friday night where she was rushed after collapsing at home.

The family member who took her to the hospital explained that when they reached the health facility, she was assisted by a good Samaritan to lift Justina onto a wheelchair which he then pushed to the emergency room.

Justina’s aunt complained that instead of attending to her due to the critical condition in which she was, the family was only directed to take her to room 5 and wait for the doctor to finish dealing with other patients before she could be attended to.

“We rushed her to the hospital but was not attended until after half an hour. We were instead directed to take her to room 5 and wait for the doctor to come. We waited there for 30 minutes before he came in and checked her then called another doctor and it was then they asked me if I was alone. I said yes, I was alone. They then told me, Justina had died and that I should take the body to the University Teaching Hospital because the case was now brought in dead (BID),” the aunt explained.

The family then booked a vehicle to transfer the body to the UTH.

Ms Mulenga joined the Daily Nation newspaper on February 3, 2017 where she specialised in court reporting and was assigned to the Magistrates Court as her beat, until her death.

The funeral is being hosted by Justina’s elder brother in John Laing on Los Angeles Road near Seven Doors bus station.

Justina Mulenga

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