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POLICE have instituted investigations in the brutal attack of a Daily Nation Newspaper packer who sustained a deep cut on his head inflicted by unknown assailants just outside the

And the Daily Newspaper management has appealed for intensified security patrols around the industrial area following the attack that also left the employee nursing a dislocated knee with a cut requiring eight (8) stitches.

Lusaka Commissioner of Police Nelson Phiri said they have instituted investigations into the matter which occurred in the early hours of yesterday.

He said Matero Police received a complaint of aggravated attack on an employee of the newspaper company, who was attacked by three people from a motor vehicle.

“We have already collected details of the attack that happened around 0500hrs and we are working round the clock to ensure this matter is dealt with quickly.

We have also requested for more information from the neighbours of Daily Nation, Zamtel to enhance the local evidence,” he said.

And Daily Nation Executive Editor Mary Mbewe in a statement has appealed for street lights and also increased patrols for the entire industrial area to enhance security.

“Daily Nation management would like to call upon the police to increase patrols of the heavy industrial area and the Lusaka City Council to put up street lights to improve security.

“Last year, the Daily Nation was petrol bombed and this matter is active in the courts of law,” she said.

She explained that the packer only survived that brutal attack after security guards from a private security firm engaged at the Newspaper premises responded to screams of help and rushed out to see what was happening.

“At about 0500 hours one of our newspaper packers was brutally attacked by 3 men from a vehicle, just a few metres from the company premises on his way home.

“He was saved by the guards on duty who rushed outside and towards the idling vehicle where our packer was being beaten,” Mrs Mbewe said

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